One Moment

He stood at the top of the hill. A look of determination on his face. There were people all around him, but it was as if they faded as he looked out on a path full of twists and turns. He stood at a crossroads, and beyond him you could see thousands of roads splitting, turning, and twisting.

He remembered that man who got angry when he made his smoothie wrong. He remembered the wife who had screamed at her children. He remembered the man who grabbed the child’s hand before she was hit by the car. He heard the angry words exchanged between his coworkers years ago.

Each day we have hundreds of decisions to make. We could either repeat the order for our hamburger for the 3rd time nicely. Or we could make a scene. We could roll our eyes at someone or lovingly respect them. People will remember what you said, what you did long after you’ve forgotten them.

And, that includes what we do when we’re alone and others aren’t around to keep us accountable.

As a Christian we are called to show Christ through our example. There will be those who will see and remember what you do. Every word will be held to account in that last day. Every action will be accounted for.

Your life and actions will be there for eternity. Don’t waste it.

When you come to the crossroads look up and walk towards the wicket gate.

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This thought has been driving me forward as well. God has "put eternity in our hearts," so we cannot pretend to be unaccountable or uninformed! Something your dad said recently stuck in my mind: "God cares more about what you are doing right now than you do." If that isn't the golden rule times ten to the umpteenth agape, I don't know what is! 🙂
I was blessed by this—both the style and the message were excellent. Keep pursuing that wicket gate!
Annie Sechrist

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