Beauty – Day 3

In a culture where every woman/man in film and advertising is airbrushed and photoshopped to look like perfection it’s easy to fall into the trap of being unsatisfied with your body, especially as a woman. When we’re so steeped in a culture that says beauty is perfect cheekbones, someone who fits a size 0, and blah, blah, blah it’s easy to fall into this wanting a perfect body as defined by the media. In the time that we live, many people have a distorted view of seeing beauty as a skin deep thing. But, looks fade quickly and the lipstick, foundation, etc. is only going to keep the wrinkles away for so long. At some point we have to come to recognize the fact that beauty is of the heart. Sure, a physical beauty is a good thing, and just as God dressed Israel in beautiful clothing and jewelry there’s some value to physical beauty. But at the point where beauty is all seen as an outer beauty and not as honoring God with the temple that he gave you its going down the wrong track…

I’ll continue this tomorrow, otherwise I’m going to run out of stuff to write by the end of the year. 😉

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