Waste – Day 11

Okay, little rant because I can’t think of something more helpful/creative at the moment.


Okay I’m done. *angel*

I go out once every month or so and pull trash out of the side of the roads near our house. And there is so much trash that people throw in there every month. Sure, I understand a banana peel because you’re feeding the ants. But soda cans, fast food wrappers, beer bottles/cans, and cigarette packages seem to be the most common with the occasional tennis shoe thrown in. *Who throws out one tennis shoe?* Must be some one legged man… A bunch of them…

Part of taking dominion of the earth is about caring for it. It’s not about traipsing through a jungle and cutting down everything in sight. Sure, of course part of taking dominion is taking care of the land and making it produce for us. Not letting the forest rule us like a lot of nutty enviros.

But there’s something to preserving the land that God has given us and not littering it with a bunch of garbage.

Daniel – an angry trash picker upper.

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