Choose Your Church – Day 34

How do you decide where you go to church?

Is it the music? Is it the carpet? Is it the love for others? Is it the rock band? Is it the sermon? Is it the coffee shop? Is it the people? Is it other’s recommendations?

In every decision we make throughout our lives we make decisions based on multiple factors. Of course, not every church fits each family.

But what is the basis of your decision? Is it a fleshy desire? Or is it a Godly desire?

Are we there to worship God? Or worship the rock band/pastor?

P.S. I just edited a fairly interesting show on modern day music by the church. (That will air tomorrow.) I honestly just haven’t thought much about this. What do you guys think? What’s important?

Picture of the day: (Picture from late last year. (I’m sick, cut me some slack 😉 )

One reply on “Choose Your Church – Day 34”

Definitely the carpet! Just kidding… it really is important that we choose a church for the right reasons. And that requires thinking through things, thinking through what you really believe, not assuming a casual approach which I think is really easy to take.

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