Fantasy Land – Day 21

It’s really weird the things I think of day to day…

Today I was thinking of how we don’t live Hollywood lives. We don’t live a life where we wake up one morning broke and lonely and then by that night we have an 8 million dollar house, fought an alien, found the love of our life and had some kiss with a girl in the rain.

Life is far more dull in comparison. Life is about working day to day in a consistent manner. Relationships eb and flow, but rarely to the extent of a movie. Things move much slower. People aren’t quite as perfect or aren’t quite as bad.

But people want to escape into these fantasy lands. Take a look at the top grossing movie of all time “Avatar.” This movie was the ultimate escape.

Why are so many people constantly trying to lose themselves in this fantasy land? It’s because, well without God their lives are pretty lame. You’re not fighting aliens or saving civilizations with your pure brains or muscle. You don’t have Megan Fox as a girlfriend. Instead, you work in some job that promises maybe 40k per year and you look forward to the weekend so you can lose yourself in fantasy land.

When it comes down to it, when you look to God and you have hope for something better things mean a lot more and you don’t have a need to lose yourself in a fantasy land.

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Well put. So many people, including those professing Christianity, dream about and want a Hollywood life, and miss Abundant Life.

I know those lights!!! I always hit my head on them at the Fines. But now you have those stupid lights. And we have new ones! YAY

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