Listening – Day 18

As I sit here listening to my sister play the piano it reminds me of how little we listen today. We have a deadline here. We have to get to this banquet. We have to check our e-mail. We have to see the next piece of old ceramic. Do we spend the time to see little children grow up? How about the time to sit outside and listen to the birds chirping early in the morning? Of course we must get things done. But do we enjoy these things? When our car has a flat tire in the morning do we look out and admire the handiwork of God? We’re so hurried in everything that we do, that we forget to worship the one we’re doing it all for.

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Great point. It's amazing how many things are fun when we realize that it's what God wants us to do and just sit back, do it, do it well, and enjoy every second of it.

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