News – Day 31

Death, sickness, and general mayhem are most of what we see in today’s news. Some man robbed a bank, some celebrity ruined his marriage, a new super virus was found, etc. I have come to hate reading the news. It’s not helping me to know how some murderer in Taiwan killed 8 people with a machete.

Why must the news continually report on all the evil and sickness of the world?

Well, people like it. People are very much sensationalists. Everything has to be bigger and badder or it doesn’t sell.

Is this good? What should news cover?


I want to know if something in my local community is happening that’s bad. But I just don’t need to know the evil that’s happening the world over. How’s this going to help me? I know there’s sin in the world. I don’t need to have my face dragged through it. Over and over again.

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