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Perseverence and Habits – Day 26

Growth is a difficult thing. For one to become something new they must give up old habits and begin new ones.

I think that much to being successful is building good habits. I.E. Going to bed early – getting up early…. (HAHAHAHA – yeah, I’m writing this at 11:30…)


A good habit is going to direct your day to day life. Reading God’s Word every morning before you check Facebook may be a good one. Or making breakfast for the family every Saturday. Or, etc.

Many people want to change things immediately. But it just doesn’t happen that way. Your life turns around by making a change here, making a change there. But always transitioning to a point where you are following Christ and the Word in a better way.

Good habits don’t necessarily come easily. Sure it’s easy to make a habit of going to the movie theater every other week, or a habit of laying on the couch all day. But the good things in life are typically hard to come by.

You need perseverance. You need to be able to set that alarm clock and get out of bed when it tells you to. You need to push harder when life throws its constant issues and problems at you.

And lean on Christ.

Picture of the day: (In anticipation of Valentine’s Day. ^_^ I’ll try to do some sort of Valentine’s Day post tomorrow.)

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