Super Bowl – Day 19

Today is the most watched television broadcast of the year. It’s a time spent with friends, family, etc. watching a bunch of guys hit each other. Yay. But it got me to thinking on a totally different topic.

I find it interesting how some people are to live or to die on their television shows. I.E. I must get home to watch my television show. Or they have to watch the super bowl. Or they have to get to a business meeting, even if their sick. They’ll even fight through a snow storm to get to this meeting. And it’s great when I see someone plowing through with such determination to get things like this done.

But then I look at the exact same people and see them skip church just because.. It didn’t fit in their schedule. They stayed up too late watching a movie. They have to watch the Super Bowl tonight. Or maybe they’re at church, but because of that late night movie they watched they’re spending the entire time at church either going back for coffee to stay awake or nodding off between cups. (Of course I don’t think drinking coffee is bad, I’m just trying to make a point.. ;-P)

When preparing for a marathon you’ll eat a lot of carbo-loading types of food the days before. You’ll make sure the few nights before you get good sleep. You’ll warm up, use the bathroom, and stretch before the race. And then throughout the race you’ll be focused and strive hard to do your best. To a certain extent I believe this can apply to the worship of God on a Sunday morning. You’ll get a good night’s sleep so you aren’t struggling the whole time to stay awake. You’ll use the bathroom before so you’re not having to hop up halfway through the sermon. You’ll focus your mind to try to reap the most you can from the Word of God. Etc..

When it comes down to it, my point is just that maybe we should prioritize the things God wants us to prioritize. Sure, sometimes you’re going to get sick and not want to spread the “love” with everyone. Or you have a bunch of young children who need lots of attention. But is it our priority to be at church, or are we looking for an excuse?

I’d be curious to hear other people’s thoughts on this. I’m sure there are lots of other opinions out there.

^_^ – I feel like I’m running out of things to write about… <_< P.S. Yay! Go Packers! 😛 Picture of the day:

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Hey, this is a cool blog you have going here and your thoughts are really good. I like this post especially. I agree with everything you said. I believe that worshiping with the corporate body must be a part of our lives, not something we just take or leave. Great, great stuff. Keep posting.

I agree with you a well. In addition, not only should we prioritize corporate worship on the Lord's Day, but we should delight and want it. If we love God, worshiping Him with other believers should be a (or the) highlight of the week.

-Peter Bringe
Deo Vindice

Dude this is a stupid post! You're just jealous that you don't have as nice of a TV is ME!!! But its ok ill forgive you! And going for the packers? do you even know anything about them? 😛 😛 😛

Anyway, wanna go swimming and workout with me on Saturday?

So what does that matter? You're still jealous, and i dont know why but you just ARE!

Yeah brother, in Parker, i think, i still need to talk to Gideon…

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