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The Knight in Shining Armor – Day 25



1. the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.

Every girl, at one time or another, has dreamed of their knight in shining armor. He’s one who protects them, honors them, takes care of them, and loves them. He’s a man who is faithful, charitable, just, wise, prudent, temperate, resolute, truthful, diligent, hopeful, and brave. He loves his God, his family, and his friends.

To some extent there’s never going to be a man who will live up to these kinds of standards perfectly. But as men we have a responsibility to be these kinds of men. Maybe we won’t swing a sword and rescue our woman. But that’s really not what life’s about. It’s about dying to ourselves in the small things that allow us to become the man who will be able to die for others.

When a man doesn’t hold the door for a lady or pull a chair out, he’s dishonoring women. I find it ironic that there are women today who see men honoring them to be a dishonorable thing to themselves. The relationship of men and women is complimentary. For one to say that they wish to be the same as another is foolishness. A team is built of different players with different gifts. God has gifted men and women differently. A man and a woman separately can’t do half as much as they can together.

However, in a team all the teammates must work together. And so it comes down to the fact that a man must be chivalrous. He must be willing to give up his laziness, selfishness, etc. The same goes for the ladies out there.

I believe, as we strive to be chivalrous, marriages and relationships will blossom. Romance will become something that is long lasting. In our culture we see romantic love as something that we read about in romance novels and watch in chick-flicks. It promises more then it delivers especially in regards to permanence. I think it’s because we perceive romance as something spontaneous, something that does not demand work. In reality, the very essence of romance is commitment. This is where chivalry proves to be a significant part of romance. In marriage, this is the very place that the virtues of chivalry are tested and manliness is proved.

Let’s go out and prove ourselves to be men. (Not just banging trees with our fists. 🙂 )

Picture of the day: (Yes, I’m still wearing that hoodie.. And no, nobody’s behind the camera.)

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