Valentine’s Day – Day 27

A day with hearts, chocolate, champagne, roses, and most importantly that special someone. It’s a day where love is in the air..

Great! I’m glad there’s a day of the year that people are able to focus on the romance in their relationship. But Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was romance/love. It’s the doing the dishes, the cleaning the house, finding the time to spend with one another when the household is full of a bunch of children under 10, and the being together as a team that builds up a good romance. It’s when one isn’t giving 100% of themselves to the other that romance dies.

The world portrays the flashy/flirty moments before marriage and the moments where a man hooks up with some woman at some bar as romantic. But it’s not. True romance is growing closer each day over 50 years and laying down your life. It’s not so glamorous, but it’s oh so much more beautiful.

Picture of the day:

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