I say just kidding too much. If I say just kidding/just joking/just lying too much I’ll never be taken seriously. Why would anyone ever take me seriously? Words do mean something. If your constant source of words comes from a spirit of joking, where’s the edification and how will anyone ever know when you’re serious? They’ll just assume you’re joking. I think more of my words should be more than just blah, blah, blah. And they need more meaning to them.

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Motivation – Day 70

This post has sat on the shelf for almost eleven months, and I finally decided to post it. Lol.


Motivation can be a daily struggle. Just to get yourself moving, especially when it’s “optional” and difficult. Sure, when you’re required to do something it can be easier to get things done.

You can see it in the corporate world vs. entrepreneurial world. You don’t have to stay quite as motivated in a corporate job just because things tend to be more structured and you’re actually required to show up. While at the same time the entrepreneurial job requires motivation every single day to market, be innovative, etc. Instead of giving yourself 19 coffee breaks a day?

People love to talk about what they’re going to do. But getting that motivation to go do it is a whole different story. Words are cheap. Action is much different.

So, why should we be motivated? To glorify God. To serve him to the best of our ability. When you do things for yourself they turn out to be pretty empty. It’s like when you’re trying to buy a new toy. You build it up in your mind, it may become an obsession and by the time you get it you’ve wanted it so bad for so long that when you actually get it, it’s a letdown. Or you build a vacation up in your mind and then get sick once you get there.. (Nice)

There are many things that will help you with motivation and there are plenty of self help books and such out there. But in the end it’s going to be God and His Word that will fulfill you with profits, happiness, peace, love, and maybe even monetary wealth.

And I’m posting this earlier than I normally would because I’m motivated to go to bed.

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Balance – Day 69

Much of life’s problems come when we have a lack of balance in our lives. We eat too much sugar. We eat too many fruits. We don’t discipline enough. We discipline too much. We are too kind. We are too rude. We are too strict, we aren’t strict enough.. You get the point.

And people ask how to get balance in their lives. People don’t like to be unbalanced and so they go looking for it by talking about karma, doing yoga, and worshiping their ancestors. And in reality it comes down to they want to take a morality system and wisdom and have it balance out their lives. But there is really nothing else compared to the Word of God. If you want balance in your life you’ll study God’s Word and learn from it.

Life is a balancing act, and honestly it’s hard to do anything without looking to God and asking him for wisdom.

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Sunday Quote – Day 68

Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life. – Alan Lakein

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Life vs. Death – Day 67

Millions of children have been flushed down the tubes of abortion clinics throughout our country. It’s funny how people try to cover over it with things like saying it’s not life. Then saying that the world’s already overpopulated. Pretty soon they’re going to be killing the old people. Then, they’ll kill people with IQs of less than 80 or at least neuter them. They’re going to have ads encouraging parents to neuter their children instead of dogs and cats.. Lol. Maybe that seems like a far out example, but it’s not new. They’ve already done that in America once, who’s to say they’re not going to do it again.

When your entire worldview is based on selfishness of course this is the way your culture is going to go. Down the drain. No matter what you say is going to convince someone to give up their selfish desires if they’re going to be consistent to worshiping themselves.

In Genesis God called Adam to take dominion of the earth. I believe this still applies to us today. And one of the best ways to take dominion is reproducing. You’re only going to last 80 years by yourself, but if you have 6 children that’s another extension of 60 years. Etc. etc. It’s easy to be affected by the culture that says selfishness is the way to happiness. It’s a very short minded approach to life and will fail in the end.

Try looking beyond the end of your nose once in awhile.

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How are You – Day 66

Every time we meet someone we ask the question how are you? Do we really mean what we say? Do we actually want to know how they are doing? Or is it just a habit? Are we just talking for talking’s sake?

This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. The what’s up or how are you question. I’ve done this before, where I ask how are you and they say terrible and then I say good. Wha?!

Do we mean what we say? Or do we just talk for talking’s sake?

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Forgiveness – Day 65

This part of forgiveness has been on my heart lately.

When you forgive someone you don’t just forgive, you forget too. Because if you have this constant cloud hanging over you remembering everything that this person has done, you’ll never truly forgive that person. If you always feel like that person owes you a debt for your forgiveness, you’re not going to actually forgive them.

Love and forgiveness require having a short term memory and temporary blindness at times.

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Externals – Day 64

Many people like to reduce life to observing several rules that aren’t even put in place by God. But they take the principles that God has made and turn them into a plethora of rules that you must live by. MUST! It can be anything, i.e. teaching your daughters that modesty is wearing long dresses with high necklines and no heels. And maybe there are good reasons for these rules, but if that’s all you ever teach in regards to modesty is an external modesty and not one of heart, you’re missing the boat. And I can think of plenty other aspects of life that people become externally minded and can become no longer focused on God.

If what we do is to show off how much more godly we are, or if it’s to please our cliche around us then you’re most likely wasting your time. If your heart is in the right place, the externals follow. If you’re a well put together package who knows all the rights and wrongs about things to do, but are empty inside eventually you will crumble to pieces.

Externals are important. I mean, you should teach your children things like manners, modesty, eloquence, God’s Word, etc. But if the whole reason you’re doing what you’re doing is driven by anything but God and a desire to honor God through it, is it not wrong?

I absolutely do many things for externals only. I see it, I don’t like it, and I work on changing. Driven by God rather than man or my own fleshly desires.


P.S. I don’t really like exactly how this is written, but I’m tired and must go to bed. So I’m up for correction if need be. Too tired to… Zzzz


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Mine – Day 63

“Mine,” the child shouted. As he grabbed the toy from his sister. “Mine” he shouted as he grew older and grabbed the video game controller from his brother. “Mine” he screamed at 22 when he pulled the last laptop from the shelf on a black friday sale. “Mine” he said as he interviewed for a job. Mine, mine, mine, me, me, me, blah, blah, etc.

How many times do we think this in our minds? When we are looking up from our books as a snotty little brother asks us for the fifth time to make him lunch, we shout inwardly, “this is my time.”

It’s so easy to care for ourselves. We want to care for ourselves. We want ourselves to feel good. We want our time. We want to be cared about by others. But this time we have on this earth really isn’t ours. God has given us the time we have. God has commanded us to love others as we do ourselves.

Do we do this? It’s difficult and I struggle every day with this.

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Crusty Christians – Day 62

Talk the talk? Or do you talk your walk? I think there are many Christians who like to talk about ideas. Maybe go out and do some good things, but they’re doing it all for themselves.

Why do you do what you do? Is it selfishness? Is it pride? Is it driven by God?

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