Atoms – Day 58

We’re each made up of many different little atoms. Without these atoms we would be nothing. We can’t see these individual elements, but they make up the person. It’s just the same with who we are as people. All the little experiences will build you as a person. You may not notice it, but each little thing grows on you. And maybe it makes you a more beautiful person. Or, maybe it just gives you acne…

The music you listen to, the people you hang out with, the people who you look up to, the tv shows you watch, the movies you see, the kinds of conversations you have, the coworkers you have, etc, all of these things shape you. And when you’re younger they shape you much more then when you’re older.

So be careful when you’re young. Remember that Christ is our focus and that will direct your path.

Vlog of the day #8 – Getting better. I’ll probably post Friday’s Vlog on Saturday. Otherwise I’ll send you the link, all three of you. ^_^

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