Balance – Day 69

Much of life’s problems come when we have a lack of balance in our lives. We eat too much sugar. We eat too many fruits. We don’t discipline enough. We discipline too much. We are too kind. We are too rude. We are too strict, we aren’t strict enough.. You get the point.

And people ask how to get balance in their lives. People don’t like to be unbalanced and so they go looking for it by talking about karma, doing yoga, and worshiping their ancestors. And in reality it comes down to they want to take a morality system and wisdom and have it balance out their lives. But there is really nothing else compared to the Word of God. If you want balance in your life you’ll study God’s Word and learn from it.

Life is a balancing act, and honestly it’s hard to do anything without looking to God and asking him for wisdom.

Picture of the day #69: (old picture – it makes me laugh)

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