Dreams – Day 48

Every time I watch any interview with some teen pop star or actor they seem to always say something about following your dream or something like that.

And I believe every person has some sort of dream. Some people’s are more realistic then others, but I have a couple thoughts on this..

Your dreams should have the right motivations. I think many people want to become singers, actors, etc. because they’re driven by the fame, power, and money. Are they actually driven by their own gifts and talents?

It’s easy enough to say “follow your dreams.” The following part is the difficult part. It takes dedication, hard work, wisdom, and perseverance. I think many people have some sort of idea that their dreams should follow them and don’t realize the amount of work you have to put in to follow a so called dream of epic proportions.

So go out there and strive hard in whatever you do. But be wise about it. Don’t try to become some world renown singer if you have no ability in that area..

My dream is to go to bed and have a nice dream. We’ll see if it happens. I shall go strive.

Picture of the day: (And my camera is going away for a month in a couple days, so I may try switching to a daily vlog for a month instead of the picture. With Europe pictures interspersed from the people taking my camera. 😛 )

2 replies on “Dreams – Day 48”

Haha go to bed and have a nice dream. Yeah I love good dreams! 🙂

I recently had a strange dream… de ja vu style.

And, ultimately, all of our dreams must be submitted for a passion for The Will and Glory of God.

Good point, though.

"My dream is to win a beauty contest."

Teehee… I shall restrain myself.


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