Externals – Day 64

Many people like to reduce life to observing several rules that aren’t even put in place by God. But they take the principles that God has made and turn them into a plethora of rules that you must live by. MUST! It can be anything, i.e. teaching your daughters that modesty is wearing long dresses with high necklines and no heels. And maybe there are good reasons for these rules, but if that’s all you ever teach in regards to modesty is an external modesty and not one of heart, you’re missing the boat. And I can think of plenty other aspects of life that people become externally minded and can become no longer focused on God.

If what we do is to show off how much more godly we are, or if it’s to please our cliche around us then you’re most likely wasting your time. If your heart is in the right place, the externals follow. If you’re a well put together package who knows all the rights and wrongs about things to do, but are empty inside eventually you will crumble to pieces.

Externals are important. I mean, you should teach your children things like manners, modesty, eloquence, God’s Word, etc. But if the whole reason you’re doing what you’re doing is driven by anything but God and a desire to honor God through it, is it not wrong?

I absolutely do many things for externals only. I see it, I don’t like it, and I work on changing. Driven by God rather than man or my own fleshly desires.


P.S. I don’t really like exactly how this is written, but I’m tired and must go to bed. So I’m up for correction if need be. Too tired to… Zzzz


Picture of the day #64: (this picture made me laugh)

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