Focus – Day 53

One thing I’ve noticed that is difficult is focusing on the right things. It’s easy to look at the negative aspects of your life. Or it’s easy to focus on shallow things. It can be difficult to come face to face with the things that matter most. Because, generally they’re the most difficult to address. It’s easier to focus on other people’s problems because yours are harder to address. Focus. Not easy for anyone.

Vlog of the day – 3: I did it. 😛 I’m guessing it’ll be another week before I get my style down. And keep it edifying. The first one was pretty much a fail, but they’re going to get better fast. Maybe I’ll start doing public ones end of next week.

And keep it real mature. Lol, I definitely got a real kick out of a conversation I had recently. 😀 (Thanks ^.^)

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