Mine – Day 63

“Mine,” the child shouted. As he grabbed the toy from his sister. “Mine” he shouted as he grew older and grabbed the video game controller from his brother. “Mine” he screamed at 22 when he pulled the last laptop from the shelf on a black friday sale. “Mine” he said as he interviewed for a job. Mine, mine, mine, me, me, me, blah, blah, etc.

How many times do we think this in our minds? When we are looking up from our books as a snotty little brother asks us for the fifth time to make him lunch, we shout inwardly, “this is my time.”

It’s so easy to care for ourselves. We want to care for ourselves. We want ourselves to feel good. We want our time. We want to be cared about by others. But this time we have on this earth really isn’t ours. God has given us the time we have. God has commanded us to love others as we do ourselves.

Do we do this? It’s difficult and I struggle every day with this.

Picture of the day #63: (Blech, bad picture…)

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