Motivation – Day 70

This post has sat on the shelf for almost eleven months, and I finally decided to post it. Lol.


Motivation can be a daily struggle. Just to get yourself moving, especially when it’s “optional” and difficult. Sure, when you’re required to do something it can be easier to get things done.

You can see it in the corporate world vs. entrepreneurial world. You don’t have to stay quite as motivated in a corporate job just because things tend to be more structured and you’re actually required to show up. While at the same time the entrepreneurial job requires motivation every single day to market, be innovative, etc. Instead of giving yourself 19 coffee breaks a day?

People love to talk about what they’re going to do. But getting that motivation to go do it is a whole different story. Words are cheap. Action is much different.

So, why should we be motivated? To glorify God. To serve him to the best of our ability. When you do things for yourself they turn out to be pretty empty. It’s like when you’re trying to buy a new toy. You build it up in your mind, it may become an obsession and by the time you get it you’ve wanted it so bad for so long that when you actually get it, it’s a letdown. Or you build a vacation up in your mind and then get sick once you get there.. (Nice)

There are many things that will help you with motivation and there are plenty of self help books and such out there. But in the end it’s going to be God and His Word that will fulfill you with profits, happiness, peace, love, and maybe even monetary wealth.

And I’m posting this earlier than I normally would because I’m motivated to go to bed.

Picture of the day #70

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