Stage Fright – Day 51

Public speaking is one of the biggest fears that people suffer from. About 75% of people fear public speaking which is supposedly one of the biggest fears. And I sometimes wonder why we fear these things. I think there are several reasons. One being that we fear failure. We don’t want to be that one person who can’t say one word or umm’s and uhhh’s their way through a talk. And let me tell you, there are quite a few people who do that.. We may also not want to be vulnerable. We don’t want to open ourselves up for criticism. Or, maybe we doubt ourselves. We doubt our ability to do it.

It would seem that many of these problems could be overcome if we just had confidence. But confidence alone doesn’t work. You see many people on talent shows who have all the confidence in the world but don’t know how to sing, or dance, etc. They aren’t willing to see that they are bad. They are to proud to accept any reproof. And they continue to think they’re the best in the world. So there’s overconfidence and also being under confident.

The key is God confidence. If we’re confident in God that he will protect us and help us. We can do a lot without being proud. Instead give the glory to God for bringing us through life.

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BA-haha-haha-ha-ha! The vlog made me laugh. . . buuuut. . . I want to be there the day you are 40-ish years old and you go back and watch these. . . after you had forgotten about them. 😛 LOL yeah. I want to see your response to yourself. 😛 🙂
btw. *I'm not judging you.* 🙂 😛

As far as the post. . . I definitely agree with you in that 'God confidence' is the key! I am amazed at the levels of confidence one can have in ones-self, and what ppl can accomplish when when being self confident. Imagine what we could accomplish if we had *full* confidence in God!

Lol if you really want to see them I could send you the links. I just need mucho work on talking to a camera. As you could see, painfully I'm sure.

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