Where to Start – Day 56

I find many people like to talk a lot about their business. They explain to me their plan. They show me what they’re going to do. They tell me all about how glorious it is. How they will become great.

But it’s an idea. Not anything of actual substance..

Then, a year later I find out they’re still working at some store. They still have this glorious plan. But it has faded some. They aren’t quite as excited any more and reality has hit them.

I think it’s very easy to do. It’s easier to get comfortable and go into neutral when you have the opportunity to do so.

Most boys want all the planets to line up, everyone scream at them, and have a volcano blow up at the same time in order to start something. Or, they want to have the best idea and don’t want it to fail.

Honestly, the way to become successful is to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, correct, and try again.

Shut up and work. Don’t tell me about these theoretical businesses. Actually go out and build one.

We need less talk and more action. Is this too much to ask?

Mmmm, yes. I’d rather talk about this on my blog… Mucho mas facil.


Vlog of the day #6: Yay! You know honestly it’s more fun to talk about doing a vlog then actually showing you guys my vlog. Lol. I’ll probably start posting them on Friday. But, I’m going to be posting them to a different blog. Because me talking about my day doesn’t really fit the context of my posts.

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Hey you can be the next iJustine type sensation! 😉

Yes, I hear too many guys talk about their "entrepreneurial" endeavors but do nothing about it. Or talk in a manner than glorifies money, and despise good hard sweat and work. I say, better to be a corporate slave working hard, than a knowitall freelancer who works 20hours a week for himself.

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