Ingrown – Day 87

Over time as we spend time with the same people we can become very ingrown. Pretty soon, we’re the only ones right in Christianity. All our thoughts are of course right, because well we all agree. All ten of us.. But when you go out and meet other Christians and see their light and their joy you get different opinions. Some of them aren’t right, and some of them are. But, we can all learn from one another. Sadly, you aren’t a god. You aren’t always right.

It can be easy to lose perspective when we are continually in our little part of the world. All your little problems and oddities will sometimes show themselves when you’re out ministering to others and learning from them.

So get out of your shell once in awhile and go minister with other Christians. You and your little church aren’t the only Christians in the world.


Picture of the day #87:

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