Different People – Day 112

I love my family and church. It’s built of many different parts and pieces. People, they’re so fun. They all look different. They all have different personalities. It’s fantastic and exciting. So many gifts, so many talents. It’s like putting together a person. It’s made up of different people with different thoughts and different dreams. It’s never going to be perfect. Just like when you look at a person you can always find things you hate about them. Some people are just uglier than others. And then some people look more beautiful to one while uglier to another. But in the end, it’s normally better to be part of a body than hanging out by yourself in a cave.

I truly do feel blessed.

Picture of the day #112:

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I would go so far as to say it's always better to be in a body than be by yourself in a cave.. 🙂 People grow much better when they're attached to something. Good post though!!

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