Faithfulness Before Marriage – Day #107

Ninety five percent of Americans have pre-marital sex. That’s a pretty rough statistic. We place marriage at such a low standard. What’s the point of getting married? Statistics show that when one has pre-marital sex with a future marriage partner, the marriage is almost twice as likely to end in divorce. Also, women are 62x more likely to receive abuse from a live-in boyfriend than a husband.  However, statistics mean very little to people.

Pleasure is the name of the game now. It’s all about now. I want pleasure now. I want someone to love me now. 

Well, sex before marriage isn’t love. It’s lust. True love is the ability to give oneself fully when those vows have been said, the rings are in place, and the kiss seals it. God created sex to happen in a marriage, and in a marriage I see beauty in it. Outside of marriage, there’s absolutely no benefit that I can see in it.

Premarital sex isn’t the only thing that’s the problem. The average woman in the UK kisses 22 guys before getting married.  Sure, she didn’t sleep with all of them., but it’s that giving herself away piece by piece that slowly destroys a woman. As she gives herself away emotionally and physically, there’s a part that she can never fully give to her spouse. The little images and memories of previously broken relationships just don’t disappear.

It’s our job as unmarried young men to honor women and not ask for that emotional commitment, especially if we’re not ready to get married. If you’re some 17 year old with no job and no maturity, then don’t go around acting like you’re god’s gift to women.

I honestly don’t know what advice to give to girls, but I’ll just say what is a stumbling block to most guys: Our culture says to dress sensually. Ride that dress up your leg. Pull that neckline down. Guys tend to be very visual.  They notice things. They look and they lust. Why do you think pornography is a monumental struggle for men? It’s difficult for men in our culture, and it doesn’t help when girls around us are displaying their bodies in such a way as to trip up men. Clothes are wonderful, and they can go together really well.  Sadly, some guys will lust after anything, but there is a responsibility to not try to stumble a brother in Christ.

Our end goal in all of our pursuits should be to serve Christ and strive to glorify him more and more each day. 

Someone With Very Little Maturity or Knowledge. 🙂
P.S. Let me know what you think. Agree? Disagree? Better application? Different applications? Let me know in the comments down below. 😀

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Amen! Thank you once again! Purity is a thing of the heart, where do our affections lye… On getting married or on the LORD? Your straight forward condemnation of immodesty is great! Here is a convicting hard hitting sermon that I'd encourage all young women (and men too) who love the Lord to consider.

P.s. I do not agree with his doctrine of salvation, but look past that to get the much needed admonition on dress!

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