Power of Music – Day 127

Oh music. You are quite an interesting topic. You are a powerful force in people’s lives. People use you to get an adrenaline rush, an emotional pump. They want you to make them feel good, to grow, and for many other reasons. People absorb you many hours out of the day. You make them happy and sad. You make them cry and laugh. You teach and shape them.

Music is moving. Anyone who says otherwise is naive. If you spend 5-6 hours of your day (my guess as to the average) doing anything, whether it be listening to music, reading novels, or eating potato chips, it’s going to change who you are as a person. It’s going to have more influence than the hour and a half church service once a week.

Consider your music choices. If you are going to be successful, the first thing to remember is that much of life is growing and building yourself up in Christ. Too many Christians are happy with mediocrity. Once we stop striving for the end goal, that’s when we die in apathy.

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