Talents – Day 102

Every one of us has different talents and abilities God has given us. Some have been gifted with more than others. But we all have them.

We each need to take those gifts that God has given us and use them for his glory. Not everyone’s going to look and act like you. And on the flip-side, you shouldn’t try to become a carbon copy of another person. We are all individuals and need to use those talents that we’ve been given. Don’t try to become someone else. That is of course excepting Christ. We need to grow more and more like him every day.

It’s God who gave us different talents. He didn’t mean for us to be little robots. Just as a body is not made up of a bunch of arms or a bunch of eyes, neither are we.

Now we must use these different talents. Once you know what your talents are, you have a responsibility to go out and use them. We don’t want to be like the servant who buried his talent in the ground and was cursed for it. No matter how large or small our talents are we need to use them and grow them to the glory of God.

Picture of the day #102:

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