Give Up?! – Day 143

It’s easy to start something. But it’s much harder to finish it. It’s easy to take the first step of a marathon. The 50,000th step at the end is also fairly easy. But those other steps 2-49,999. Oh so much harder. It’s easy to give up for a multitude of reasons.

Number one, it may just be farther than you imagined it was when you started. Instead of being merely a pleasant walk in the woods, you got lost 3 times. You ran into a bear. You ran out of water. And yet you still can’t see the end.

Or, maybe it’s just boring. You’ve already taken 10,000 steps. Why take another 40,000? The bathroom has been cleaned hundreds of times. Does it really need to be cleaned again?!

Maybe you just forgot how much you’ve accomplished. I have 30,000 more steps to go. But I forgot that I already accomplished 20,000..

Our minds will tempt us to give up. And sometimes it’s true. We should give up. It would be the wise thing to do to give up. But most of the time, we should strive to make things work.

If you’re always giving up on your businesses, your relationships, and life in general then you just aren’t going to make it anywhere.

Life is difficult. The question is will you conquer it or will it conquer you?

Picture of the Day #143:

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