Silent – Day 161

I love running at night. You look up at the stars and breath deeply. You hear nothing except the pitter patter of your own feet on the ground. The moon smiles at you. The trees all around whispering to you. You have a chance to think and clear your head. The adrenaline pumps and you dash along down the road.

It’s rare to have silence today. Music constantly blaring in my ears. Movies to watch whenever I have downtime. Tv shows to catch up on. Radio stations to turn on when I get in the car. It’s rare to get any silence. Part of it is I just can’t handle silence. Whenever you’re around people you need to have a constant string of words flowing. Not necessarily good words, but as long as there are words coming out you’re good. 

I think we should embrace silence more. Let’s stop drowning ourselves in constant music, movies, etc. Sometimes we should just sit outside, listen to the silence, and be still and know that He is God.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” ~ Psalms 46:10(a)

Picture of the Day #161: (I’m going to start doing these again… I might just have Winslow take all the pictures….. ;-P) 

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Thank you for posting… gossip is a subject a lot of people avoid or try to gloss over; because nearly everyone's guilty. 😛
Gossip is something I know I struggle with. It's hard, usually not necessary to say something that will hurt someone to their face; but it's far too easy to blab it to someone else. :/

Very good point – silence is hard to find. Silence can actually be a little intimidating, to be honest. But it is good to just be quiet for a little while – sometimes we hear things better that way.

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