Thankful Thursday – Day 149

I’m thankful today for friends. Friends who are willing to be with me when times are hard. Friends who I can have a good time with. Friends who I can challenge. Friends who will challenge me. Friends who when I am weak put out a shoulder for me to lean on.  Friends who I can put a shoulder out there for them. Friends who I can laugh with and cry with. Friends who pray for one another.

Thank you those of you who are my friends. I’m very grateful for your friendship.

P.S. One thing that I’ve been learning about friendship is that it needs to go both ways. If you come into a friendship looking for handouts or constant encouragement you’re going to be sadly disappointed. A relationship needs to have both people wanting to love each other in Christ and to honor God in order to have a real lasting friendship.

If not to honor God why would we try to put others before ourselves? We may do it in the short term to make ourselves feel good or maybe to benefit from their friendship. But in the end it’s going to either be all about us or it’s going to be all about God.

P.S.S. Random note, don’t forget to take what I say, from day to day, with a healthy grain of salt. About 8% of what I say is worth listening to. If that..

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