Feminism Encouraging Rape?! – Day 169

Feminism is doing a great job. They’re trying to destroy any honor held by women at one time or another. A bunch of misogynists?! The argument is that the role of a helpmeet to their husband is degrading to a woman. Instead they would rather create some sort of demented world where women aren’t respected in a God honoring way. Just take a look at statistics about rape. Rape is 3x worse in America today compared to 1960. The 1960s were when feminism got a massive booster, through Gloria Steinem and others, and now explain to me why violence against women such as rape is much higher than they were back then.

Boys today are not trained to honor women. That would be what a bigot and misogynist would do. You have to understand that women are the same and should be treated as such. I don’t know if you’ve taken time to just sit and watch little boys and girls. The little boys will punch and wrestle the little girls just like they will do to other little boys. And if they’re not taught over time to honor women they will grow up to be the men who rape and abuse women.

Instead, if we taught boys to be men and honor women and put them first we should see much better results. Of course you always have exceptions to every rule, because men have wicked hearts, but I don’t believe we’ll see this overwhelming disgusting abuse of women that is overwhelmingly disgusting in today’s culture.

One argument that is used by so called experts is that in ancient times women were treated as property and were in subordinate positions to men. This is true. Women in many pagan cultures were seen as property and lead to abuse. But then feminists use this argument to say that the Christian model of male headship is a bunch of hooey. Okay. Well let’s compare. Puritans vs. today’s modern system. Today they say that approximately 1 in 7 women have been raped or sexual abused. Puritans back in the 1600s, a smattering of isolated cases were reported in the first 80 years. Which is like .01%. (I don’t have the book on the exact statistics but you get my point. The book is called “The Times of Their Lives”) Cases of adultery today are probably around 50-60%+, I can’t find exact statistics.  For the Puritans there were very few cases and were probably around .1% of people. I agree that the Puritans didn’t get everything right but they sure did things better than today in regards to protection of women and family solidity.

We can conclude that women don’t respect or honor men today and men don’t respect or honor women. It’s definitely more of an exception than the norm.

There are multiple people who speak out against a feminist agenda. They attempt to be those who try to put men and women into roles that fall under 1 Corinthians 11:3 “But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.”

The reaction against this general philosophy is pretty large. They call these people misogynists. I disagree that this is misogyny, just like how a team captain being over his team is not because of hatred for his teammates.

Plus, so far how has the feminist philosophy helped us? If we were to compare statistics feminism has been crushed. If you want to live in fairy tale land go ahead, but it’s not going to help those of us who live in reality. If your solution is to drug all the men so they won’t hurt women, welcome to the world of the most unproductive society ever.

Maybe go and learn from the past. So far what you’ve done has been a horrible failure. Yet you think doing the same thing will fix all of our problems? Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

I see God’s system that is brought out in His word as the solution to all the problems we have today. Men loving and honoring women is what God calls for and women under the head of their husbands.

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I find it sadly humorous that if I open a door for a woman I'm upholding an oppressive patriarchy but if I pin her to the ground in a wrestling match I'm liberating her.


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