Purify – Day 179

Purity is refreshing to see. It’s honestly hard to find in today’s day and age. When most adults today have lived in a fornicating relationship sometime in their lives, and the rest having browsed through the porn of the internet I think I sometimes forget what it looks like. When you watch any movie, television show, youtube videos, etc. there is a constant encouragement to live in a sinful manner. The good guy of today’s movies is the one who is only an adulterer, the other guy is a murderer and for some reason that makes him worse than the adulterer? Okay.. 
I’ve struggled with temptations and still do. I’m thankful for parents, peers, and other elders who love me enough to keep me accountable. But ultimately if one wants to live an impure lifestyle they can. They can go live in a fornicating relationship, hack around accountability software, etc. Others can try to help you but ultimately it’s in your ball park.
There are two things that have been really important to me in the battle against the flesh. Number one, staying in God’s Word and crying out to him for forgiveness and help. I’ don’t know why I’m surprised by it, but staying in God’s Word has been one of the best things. When I’m keeping my mind out of the gutter and in God’s Word and doing everything I do for His glory, the fight is much easier. Number two, staying busy is also big. Having my schedule put together so that I wake up with something to do and feel exhausted by the end of the day.
We’re in a battle. We’re fighting against our flesh, the world, and the devil.  We can’t just ignore the fact that people struggle and sometimes fall. But we should be willing to help drag their face out of the mud and push them forward. I think instead of passing judgement we should genuinely care about and love people and pray for them, give them advice, and be there for them. People will struggle with a million things over their lifetime. Your friends are going to fail you. They’re going to fall. But don’t give up on them. God is mighty and powerful and can turn anyone around.
Have a blessed Sunday. ^_^

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