Living the Psalms – Day 238

Today I felt like I lived a psalm to some extent. We went rafting today and we sort of did the wrong rapids. Wrong means bigger. 😉 Hopped into the boat, very excited, prayer of Thanksgiving. A few small fun rapids: prayers of praise. Big rapid: epic. Fall out of boat: not so much.. Prayers of intercession happened there. Back in boat: prayer of praise. Go over small waterfall and fall out: prayer of intercession. Back in boat: prayer of thanksgiving. Lose one of the paddles: prayers of intercession. Walk on shore for a long ways….. Imprecatory prayer upon all the brambles and sharp rocks. Get back in two boats: prayer of thanksgiving. Find lost paddle a mile and a half down: prayer of praise. Walk around even bigger rapid and get torn up by rocks and brambles: Imprecatory prayer. Get back in boat and float through a bunch of rapids: prayer of praise. Find person with cellphone: prayer of thanksgiving. Get in car with family: prayer of praise. Amazing dinner: prayer of thanksgiving. Overall an amazing day and the best time I’ve had rafting. Yay! I want to go do it again. 😀

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