New Life – Day 231

New life is amazing. Our cat had kittens today. The little ones who are conceived from tiny little particles meeting one another and growing in the womb and eventually coming out as fully functioning creatures can be hard to get my mind around at times.

We don’t appreciate life enough today. In a culture where abortion and survival of the fittest nonsense is mainstream it can be hard to remember how amazing it truly is. We would not be here if it weren’t for the incredible way that God created the human body and its means to reproduce. There is absolutely no way that over a trillion years the body would evolve to ever be able to reproduce. Without the many different things that must happen in order for someone to emerge from the womb we wouldn’t be here. It’s an incredible process and is incredibly fine tuned. Our God is truly amazing.

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Indeed, life is amazing. I've actually thought about this quite a bit lately as I watched the miracle of life. I've got a litter of week old puppies that remind me with every squeal how awesome our Creator is.

Enjoy those kittens. =)

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