Perverted Freedom – Day 225

It seems that many Americans today have a perverted concept of freedom. It’s about dishonoring authorities. Look at every blockbuster that comes out today. Every single one has disrespect of authorities and of parents of some extent or another. Freedom is getting rid of all authority. It’s about tossing out the law and doing whatever feels right. Follow your heart, right? This leads to anarchy as well as tyranny.

This same perspective tends to be extremely popular in the church as well. Instead of throwing out the law of the state, it tosses out the authority of Scripture and the law of God. You can see how culture today is leading the church rather than the church leading the culture. It’s following the same approach. So you see the same anarchy and tyranny intermixed in the church. Either you create a pastor who is the head honcho and a tyrant, or you have a community center instead of a church. 
To have freedom we need to have laws. We need to have good Biblical law. We don’t create our own revelation or laws like humanism/Mormonism/Jehovah witnesses/etc do. If we do that, we come out with the anarchy and tyranny that all of these produce. 
It also amazes me that people sneer at laws in the Word of God and then curse the laws of today’s country. It doesn’t make any sense to me. 
Ultimately, grace saves and the law condemns. The law condemns the wicked. Through Christ we are free. But does this eliminate the need for law? Absolutely not. There are wicked people in this world. There has to be a system to keep order and punish evildoers. And the law that has been written and put into the Word of God by a God who is all good and all knowing, is the law that needs to be used.
Rushdoony’s book “Law and Liberty” is a good resource and puts it better than I do.

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