Epic Battles

I enjoy stories of battles. I’ve enjoyed reading the stories written by C.S. Lewis and Tolkien. The wars of good versus evil. The fights to the death that are had against orcs and ring wraiths. Reading of the times of medieval warriors who charged into battle and came out victorious. The epic tales of how one little man could make it into the enemy’s camp to throw the one ring into the mountain of lava.

At times I’ve caught myself wishing I lived then and could experience the battles in the way they did. Where the battles were fierce and fighting was close hand to hand. But then I remember I do fight a fight just like that. It’s a fight where we must fight or we will die. The enemy is large. The orcs are grinding their teeth preparing to destroy us. This is the spiritual battle.

It’s a fierce fight where the ring wraith of lust launches itself at us. We must fight it off. The witch of ingratitude’s haunt is nearby.. The werewolf of deceit and lies is running after us.  Our soul is on the line, defend yourself! The eye of pride watches over us. The orcs of anger are chomping at the bit to kill us. The Grima Wormtongue is whining and complaining in our ears. This is the spiritual battle.

It’s a war that’s waged inside of us. It’s fierce. Many give up. Many will fall. We will not get through this life without a blood caked sword. We will sail through bloody seas. The question is will you make it? And the answer is, with God’s help. We are called to fight that we will win. Fighting is rough and tough. It’s not easy. But there is a finish. There is a golden crown at the end of this. And moth, dust, or rust will not corrupt the heavenly crown.

Day 260/365 – I’m going to start putting my day down here. 🙂

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