Fantasy of Life

I love movies. I love how so much action is compressed into such a small period of time. The excitement of an entire lifetime, for many of us, has been squeezed into a story of 90 minutes long. It shows us action, epic adventures, amazing romance, and exciting characters. Reading stories of elves, dwarves, and orcs set in a beautiful place is our pastime.

I’ve noticed as I spend too much time in these other worlds I begin to become dissatisfied with where I live now. The fantasy is getting out of control. Living your life in a virtual fantasy can be an unhealthy place to spend your time. I’m honestly one of the worst at this. At one time, I could spend five-six hours per day in a fantasy land. Being a reader, I would take all the stories that I had read and use them to make my little stories. I let my imagination run wild. To some extent I think having a good imagination is important to life. Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” 

But we can’t allow our imagination to control us. Imagination can and does create the most beautiful things. Somebody imagines something that all others say are impossible. And then he goes and creates it. On the other hand people spend years of their lives in a fantasy land of books, movies, and tv shows. Instead of spending time with real people and investing in their friends they spend most of that time reading, imagining, and wishing. They want to be one of those characters. They want to be friends with those characters. Why do you think actors are so famous? People connect with the characters, want to live with them, be part of the story, and then they end up worshiping the actor.

Imagination is important. But use it to honor God. Don’t become dissatisfied with the life that God has given you because of the stories that you’re reading. We still need to keep our focus on God and in the real world. If your imaginations and the books/movies/tv shows you’re watching don’t bring you closer to God and instead become an idol in your life you may want to take a break for a short time from them.

And honestly, the digital media has never helped my imagination. Books are definitely the way to go. 😉

Day 266

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