I went hunting. Yay! First time. Well, I didn’t hunt, but I went with my sisters who had tags. There were several things I learned.

One, I learned that hunting is not necessarily about getting the animal. I kind of went into it wanting to get an animal, which is part of it. But because I set that as my end goal, I came away from the first day with some dejection. But then I reflected on the fact that God brings the animals. It’s not as if we can control the patterns of an animal. God will bring them. We need to do our best to be there when the animals come. Know to sit downwind and all the other tricks of the trade.

It’s the same as life. You can do your best, but at some point you have to realize that God brings the increase. It was a good lesson for me this week.

I also learned that safety is a good thing. It keeps you from shooting yourself/your friends. But it can also keep you from shooting the elk. Another lesson for real life. It’s easy to use the wrong tools for the right situation. Or the right tools for the wrong situation. It’s hard to be balanced.

I learned that I like fires. Especially when you’re in the dark, on your twentieth match wondering if you’re ever going to get the fire started.

I learned that I’m really small. Looking out on the long mountain range and seeing the many stars while shivering in the dark during the wee hours of the morning you remember just how wimpy and small you are.

Overall, a great time. I’ll probably go next year. But I’m more of a hunter who comes for the fellowship, rather than the love for the chase..

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Day 280

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