Thankful Thursday

As I sat in an airplane yesterday looking out on the little mountain range of clouds and stared out on the beautiful blue horizon, it reminded me just how blessed we are.

When I lay down outside on our trampoline late at night listening to the Rockies play over the radio I see beautiful stars. And I’m just blown away that God made this for us. If God didn’t create these stars and sent out the light, we wouldn’t see them for thousands of years. (It saddens me when people try to turn the story of Genesis into an allegory. They try to reduce the amazing glory of God and don’t believe that he could be God and all powerful in that way.)
And as I sit and watch stars shoot across the sky I remember that, that could be our sun. We could be snuffed out in a second. Then I think of how God has placed our sun in such a particular place that if it was any closer we would burn up, or if it was any farther away we would freeze. 
I hear the howl of coyotes in the distance and it reminds me of how many incredible species God has created. Strong elk, diligent little ants, funny otters, spectacular sea creatures, cute kittens, and wonderful dogs are just a small sample. 
And then I look up and see the tops of the trees and think of the multitude of useful resources we have been given. Gorgeous diamonds, rich oil, majestic trees, and hundreds of others are just another small picture of how God has provided for us. 
In the end, I look at how beautiful this world is and marvel at what it must have been like before the fall.  When the curse of the fall didn’t make every step forward incredibly difficult and thorns didn’t rip at our flesh as we till the ground. Seeing how God has given us this amazing world, I look forward to seeing the even more amazing work he has made for us in heaven. And all of it due to the work of Christ’s death and resurrection. That’s what gives me hope as I fight the good fight. 
What gives you hope today?
Day 282

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