Types of Love

Love is an interesting topic. Today, it seems many associate the word love with the idea of lust or an Eros love. Whenever I read an article about some Father/daughter ball there’s always some pervert in the comments saying that a father who loves his daughter is without doubt loving her in an Eros way. But why do they say this? 
Because this is all they can know or understand. They see a close friendship between men as running along the ragged edge of homosexuality. They can’t see a relationship as being more than a way of satisfying ones’ self.
There are basically three types of love. One is the love of Eros. It’s lust, a selfish and fulfilling ones own desires in lust. Should one as a Christian ever have an Eros type of love? No. We aren’t perfect of course and must lead a repenting life. But how about the marriage relationship?
Even in marriage, where sex is a good thing we do not have an Eros type of love. Why? Because it is selfish. It’s a fulfilling of ones own desires. In the marriage relationship (which I have so much experience in…..) you are trying to follow the example of Christ and his church, laying down your life. You’re not filling ones own cup of selfishness. 
As Christians we must practice an agape and phileo love. An agape love that lays down our life for others. (Ephesians 5:25) It loves even when we want to quit. Phileo love is the love that tenderly loves. The one that most friendships are built on. The kind that we have for our Lord. (John 16:27) A love for others. Not a love that is driven by lust and self satisfaction. And ultimately, I believe those who have not experienced the amazing self-sacrificing love and affection of Christ will ever be able to truly understand what it is.

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