Narcissistic Conversation

Narcissistic conversation is really easy to fall into. Either I’m spending the entire conversation talking about myself or I’m trying to think of questions to avoid talking/engaging. It’s hard for me to keep up a good conversation. And good conversation is very important. I can grow closer to others in ways I just couldn’t without having a purpose. But how do we get good conversation?

I think much of good conversation stems from a love for one another. You care about them, and are looking to help them and wish to see them grow closer to Christ. And if this is a mutual affection then you end up with a pretty good conversation.

Also, I find coming into a conversation with some sort of purpose is important. A relationship takes work. (Ugh, ;-P) And that includes conversation. Stuff doesn’t get done by those who wander around life wondering what’s happening to them.

And of course you don’t need an agenda whenever you talk to someone, but coming into it with purpose is important. Purpose not to gossip. Purpose to glorify God. Etc. (Colossians 4:6)

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Good point, Daniel. I've been thinking about the same topic lately. It's so easy to get into a self centered conversation with someone, especially for me. We need to remember that conversations are called "dialogues" for a reason; it's supposed to be two people with an equal interest in the discussion.
It can be hard sometimes to "pass the ball back," in conversation, but it's crucial to a good relationship with someone.

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