Thankful Thursday – Stupid Blogs

Today I’m thankful for Ray. He’s a wonderful friend. We’ve done many projects together. Stayed up late, gone crazy. And it’s his birthday “tomorrow”/today ;-P.

I’m reminded continually how important good friends are. Many people I know get angry and stomp away like little children whenever a little blip goes on in their radar that’s hurtful. But having a friend who you can yell at, fight with in the mud, and yet still come out friends on the other side is what life’s all about. And that’s the friends that I want to have. There’s too many friendships that have one little piece of trash thrown in the mix and suddenly you’re all up in each other’s faces trying to shoot each other on blogs, gossip columns, etc. I’m tired of it and am thankful for the friends God has blessed me with. And I pray I will be a good friend as well and will be willing to slog through the sloughs with them. As well as enjoy the good times. ^_^

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