Families Hate Each Other?

One thing that I appreciate about homeschooling/patriarchy/Christianity is that it tends to bring your family together. I’ve played lots of MMORPGs throughout the years and I get in long conversations with people. There’s been probably somewhere over 100 people I’ve talked to at some length. They tell me about how different they are from their family. They tell me about how they don’t quite hate their family, but they’re just nothing like them. They don’t understand them. They go home for the holidays and have nothing to talk about. And much of this is because they’ve been educated in a separate place. Their dad never really cared about them. They never saw him for that fact. Or maybe he was emotionally hurtful to them. Their mom sent them off to school and didn’t really want them around. They had nothing to bring them together. Christ wasn’t the center of their homes, although some of them called themselves Christians.

The thing is homeschooling and patriarchy get abused on the internet at times. And I just don’t think these people understand the real world. After talking to this small group of people, I know that if my dad and mom didn’t love me and we spent so much time together, and talked about life and me, I’d be the same as them.

Of course, the detractors always bring up the few bad examples, but every system of thought has people who misuse it and the children will end up the exact same as many of the people I’ve talked to. But that’s beside the point.

Love doesn’t come easy. As I look ahead on my life I know that it would be easier to not follow Christ. I know that it would be easier to not homeschool my children. And I realize that being a patriarch in my home is way more work than going to run my marathons every weekend or playing golf instead. But I don’t want to be the guy who goes to hell on flowery beds of ease while others fight to win the prize and sail through bloody seas, just because I didn’t want to love God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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