It’s the Little Steps

It’s the little things that move you towards heaven on the narrow road, or away. Maybe a little compromise there, a little bad music over here, a couple bad movies, etc. Or you read your Bible more often. You pray to God more. You grow like a plant, or you wilt. Sure, there is a point where you’ve fallen away or come to Christ. But I can’t tell where that is. If we would think of Christianity like a road, with a cross at some point along that road I believe that would be a better approach to living. We don’t suddenly become a big tree or die as a little sapling. It generally takes time. I see friends on both sides. Some seem to be slowly walking away, some walk towards.

Even the guy who’s saved out of a world where everyone does drugs, cuts, etc, his growth is slow. Yes there is a big change in his life, but he’s not suddenly a massive giant in the faith. And many of those guys can fall away over time. Don’t look at the big changes, look at the timeline. That’s where you will see fruit. Or not.

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