Job 1 – First Sermon

This is a book about a godly man. A very godly man. And we can learn much from this passage, and how we should act under suffering.

Dr. Morecraft brought out the fact that if as a young unmarried man or woman and you want to attract the attention of a godly man or a virtuous woman you must be either a godly man or a virtuous woman. 

What is a godly man? He’s a man who understands his obligations to God, his family, his church, his boss, and everyone around him. He understands where he has been placed in this life. He’s a man who has integrity.

Job was a very rich man. God blesses the Christian on this earth. But many of us cannot handle money. We would begin to worship it. And so God does not give us wealth. He does not want us to be stumbled by it. But there are a few who are like Job and can handle wealth and not worship it.

 What did Job do when he lost everything? He blessed the name of the Lord. He did not sin and did not become angry with God.

Do you abhor yourself when you sin against God? Do you repent of your self love? Or is that concept so despicable to you that you spit it out and abhor the very thought of abhorring oneself?

May we all be more manly and godly as we grow older.

These were a couple things I got, feel free to leave any others you picked up in the comments. 

Job 1-2 – Sermon #2: –

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