Join Me in Listening to Morecraft’s Series on Job

Today I began to listen to Dr. Morecraft’s series on the book of Job. One aspect he is going to address is who the godly man is, as Job exemplifies it. If as a young man, you want to marry a godly/Proverbs thirty-one woman, you of course are going to need to be a godly man. (As well as more mature.) Another aspect will be about how we live under trials.  Etc.
My mom really liked this series, so I’m going to work my way through it. If anyone wants to join me, please do so. I’m going to try to listen to one sermon every day, Monday – Saturday, and make a post about some aspects of it. (I could also do three sermons a week if six per week is/turns out to be too much. Opinions?) If you want to, you can post some comments/more insights and such, I’ll try to post a link to the next sermon in the series the day before we listen to it. Tonight/tomorrow I’ll be finishing Job 1: the first sermon in the series.
I figure this will be more edifying than reading my typical three sentence posts. 😉

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