What Gives You Hope?

What gives you hope from day to day? What makes you happy and excited about life? What keeps you moving forward?

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Those are some thought-provoking questions! 🙂
It's so easy to get wrapped up in what the world expects you to strive towards – so easy to live for sucess.
It's good to remind oneself that we should be living for Christ, and let Him be our hope, and focuse on Him — not the possiblity of a new job, more free time, scholarships [there's my weakness! 🙂 ] , or whatever it may be. I find that when you take a moment to think about what really matters in life, it's often not what you've been focusing on! 🙂

1. The existence, character, presence, sovereignty, and redeeming work of God.

2. The hope to someday be a Godly husband and father.

Greetings from Northern Illinois. I've been one of those shadowy followers for over a year, but now I'm an official follower because I finally have a profile and blog.

Stand Fast,

Andrew R.

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