Everyone’s a Hypocrite

To some extent all of us will be hypocrites. The number one thing I hear from apostates is the reason they left was because the church was full of hypocrites. I think the real problem is they saw unrepentant hypocrites. Everyone at some point will say something and do something different. We have this condition called original sin, we’re kind of stuck with that. But what makes a godly person different from just being a hypocrite for 20 years with hidden sins or even not so hidden sins is that one is constantly repenting and turning from his/her hypocrisy and the other is not. It’s pretty simple. I think a good church will always be a mess to some extent. Just because people don’t live with some kind of fakey life. They sin against others. They tell their friends to flee lust, but then fall into it themselves. But they repent and don’t act as if they don’t sin.

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Great stuff again.
I like what Mark Cahill told one man: "You don't like the church because of hypocrites? Don't you go to bars where there are hypocrites?"

I think that is an approach worth trying.

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