Driven By Emotion

Most people are driven by emotion and personal experience. You can throw facts and statistics at people, but unless you’re able to appeal to their emotions they will ignore all of it. We are emotional. One experience we have may shape our view of life in a wrong impression. Much of today’s political atmosphere is based on the rhetorician rather than someone who stands for what’s right. Whoever can put on the better show tends to win.

Now, facts and statistics can appeal to peoples emotions. But much of the time the deciding factor is driven by the emotions. That’s why we know a good speaker or blogger because they appeal to our emotions. A truly good speaker/blogger backs up his/her arguments with actual facts, as well.

Basically I’m saying instead of just absorbing whatever people tell you, try to look at it with an eye of critical thinking. But at the same time don’t be the eternal skeptic, like I tend to be.. <_<

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Hmm, that's a good point. And if you look at our current republican debates, most of the people (accept for the Ron Paul Supporters) aren't going to check the facts, the one who looks, and sounds the best usually wins. Woe to us if we fall in the same boat!
Thanks for posting!

Hi Daniel!

I just recently found your blog and have really been edified by some of your posts.

This post was great. Trying to sniff out the worldview or presuppositions in something written (like a book or a blog) is much easier than in something that appeals to the emotions (such as music, movies, or a speaker). Listening to music or watching a movie tends to bypass our rational thinking side and go straight to our emotions. Then when we stop and think about it, it's like "Oh, yeah! How did I miss that?" It's because our emotions get the better of us.

Great post! Keep up the good work and God bless.


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