Age doesn’t necessarily mean maturity. I may be 20, but a 15 year old may be more mature than me. I may be 40 and a 30 year old may be more mature. I sometimes think too much in terms of my “age.” I need to grow up by a certain age, I need to do this by a certain age. And yes, age is a great way to tell time and to set goals for yourself. But really we should strive for maturity whether we are 10 or 50. Just because someone is younger than you doesn’t mean they aren’t more mature than you. If you’re young, that doesn’t mean you have to act young. Our culture has made it that way to some extent. They say you can’t grow up till late in life. Have fun while you can. We won’t let you grow up, we’ll baby you. No alcohol, smoking, driving, etc until we decide you can. Also, you can’t work for money. Actually, we’ll make laws that make you act like a lazy bum who can’t work.

But even though those pressures are on you to not grow up, that doesn’t mean they’re right. Don’t accept the low standards. Strive for bigger and better ones.

But at the same time, don’t become too big for your britches. >_<

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I think the question is not "how mature are you?", but rather, "how godly are you?"

We can always be more godly…

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