What Is It?

What is your life going to be about? There’s a million things that your life can be about. Wine collecting, rat killing, prairie dog preservation (lol), family, government, church, etc. We are all going to be a combination of some of these things, but all of us are going to have our own specific area. That’s why you can’t say everyone has to be just like you. God created all of us with different gifts and abilities that we should use and not bury under the ground. Many of us can pine away with wanting what we can’t have or are not in a stage of life to be able to act on those aspirations.

Rather than wandering through life being pushed from one place to another, let’s live life purposefully. Just because you could do a million things doesn’t mean you have the ability to do a million things. Try to find something and make it yours. Become good at something. Work hard. Love others. Love God.

Sorry, kind of rambly. I’m tired. >_< Zzzzz

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